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  • New Marto Items Added & Jin Forge Sale
  • We now have a range of official Marto swords, hand made in Toledo, Spain, Head over to the Marto category to check that out, of head to Jin Forge for 10% Off through November.

  • Updates & Upcoming Into The New Year
  • It's been a while since we gave you an update as to what's going on with us here so this post is a bit of a big update, with a lot of changes coming and some already here. Including new swords, armour and website changes.

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As a company Southern Swords was established over 14 years ago now and has since its small beginnings grown into a company with a wide host of suppliers that deals with many major film and TV production companies, along with working with a whole host of re-enactors. Selling from some of the most well-known brands such as Windlass Steelcrafts and Hanwei, we also sell from small forges Such as Skyjiro Forge and Jin Forge, selling an extensive range we feel confident that we have what you need. Our unique range of medieval armour and clothing collection includes medieval helmets, medieval swords, and reenactment armour/weaponry.

Medieval clothing consists of different types of clothing as the fabric being used is more diverse than the clothing found today. Attire changes with the classes, as lower class people would generally wear made of wool, sheepskin and linen, whereas the upper class used to wore clothing made of furs, velvets, silks, lace and cottons etc.

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