14th / 15th Century Bascinet Helmet With Visor

14th / 15th Century Bascinet Helmet With Visor

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Product Code: SNH2248

Manufacturer: Lord Of Battles

£98.00 (INC. VAT)


£98.00 (INC. VAT)


This Bascinet Helmet is hand-forged in 14 gauge steel.


The helmet comes with a stitch in high quality adjustable padded liner to give great protection the wearer.
The front can be raised to access the face, and is held securely shut with a leather strap.
Around the bottom of the helmet runs a line of brass anchoring points for the option to attach a chainmail aventail
This helmet with its padding comes in size medium/large to fit an average size head


This version of the bascinet has the typical curved crown and top designed to deflect much of the force of a strike. The visor has been designed by an armourer who well understood how a curved surface helps to dissipate the force of the blow better than a flatter surface or one with hard edges.

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Manufacturer Lord Of Battles

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