15th Century Gothic Suit of Armour

15th Century Gothic Suit of Armour

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Product Code: AB0024

Manufacturer: Get Dressed For Battle

£1,265.00 (INC. VAT)


£1,265.00 (INC. VAT)


15th Century Gothic Suit of Armour
Fully wearable for re-enactment

Ref: AB0024

Made by GDFB

15th Century Gothic Suit of Armour

A fully articulated and wearable full-harness in the German 'Gothic' style of the late 15th century. Armour of this type is generally sleeker fitting and less rounded than "Milanese" armour of the same period with many parts terminating into a point, giving the armour a spiky appearance. The ridged radiating patterns embossed on the breastplate, cuisses (thigh guards) and the pauldrons (shoulder guards) and the fluted gauntlets are also typical features of armour made in southern Germany during this period. The ridges and fluting are not only aesthetically pleasing but were believed to increase strength and resistance to blows without adding extra weight. The combination of a sallet helm and bevoir, again typical of the Gothic style, would have provided excellent protection for the head and throat but would have limited the field of vision of the wearer.
Made of hand-forged 18 Gauge Steel with the Helmet, Knees and Elbows of 16 Gauge Steel . This item is shipped to you pre-oiled for protection. Close attention to quality is a top priority in every piece.

This is an excellent item for re-enactment and would make a great addition to any collection

Key Features:

18 gauge steel & 16 Gauge Steel
Fully articulated
Excellent item for re-enactment
Made by "Get Dressed For Battle"

Gothic plate armour is a type of plate armour of steel made in the regions of Germany and the Holy Roman Empire during the late Middle Ages (15th century). The armour provided full-body protection to the knight who wore it. "Suits of armour" were common during the 15th century in central Europe and influenced Italian and English plate armour.
Gothic armour, especially suits made under Maximillian I, Holy Roman Emperor, were modelled with curves, flutings and ridges in order to enhance the strength of the armour and deflect arrows. Such armour was made during the 15th century and reached its peak in the 1480s, when it was considered the best in Europe. Its structure featured points and ridges influenced by Gothic architecture and Gothic art. In addition to steel plates it included chainmail to protect under the bevoir, joints and crotch.
Gothic armour was often combined with a Gothic sallet, which included long and sharp rear-plate that protected the back of the neck and head. A bevoir protected the chin.
During the 16th century, under Italian influence, Gothic armour evolved into Maximillian armour.This new armour was fashioned rounder and more curved and the ridges were narrower, parallel to each other and covered the entire armour.


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