17 inch Brass Telescope With Leather Holder & Strap

17 inch Brass Telescope With Leather Holder & Strap

£32.00 (INC. VAT)

Product Code: SNNE11702

Manufacturer: Lord Of Battles


15x power, and made in antique brass with black leather holder and strap.
This telescope measures 2 inches wide, 17 inches extended, and collapses down to 7 inches in the holder.
A fully working spyglass that can be hung on your belt or over the shoulder.

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Manufacturer Lord Of Battles
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    Functional, but finicky
    Review by Xander
    Ordered this for my growing pirate costume as what pirate doesn't have a trusty looking glass for spotting treasure on the horizon?
    The leather work and brass finish on this is fantastic and it's very well put together. the lens covers and carry strap are all one piece so no worry about losing them, and the leather caps fit very snuggly on the ends to protect them when it's folded up.

    If buying this however, please note: It can be a little tricky lining up your eye with the lenses to start with, so getting front, back and your eye all straight takes some adjusting. The magnification clarity also depends on the distance of the object, and how far you open the telescope; so that takes a little figuring out.
    Once you do though, the image is crisp and clear. I got some odd looks off my neighbors while stood on my porch sighting down the road at one some ten doors down!