Cleaning Kits, Sharpeners & Tools

While buying and owning a sword or knife can be great and cutting targets can be a lot of fun and a great exercise to train in. Maintaining a sword is something key to make sure the blade stays in the best possible condition. several manufacturers produce a sword cleaning kit that has everything you need to keep the blade clean and oiled and we also offer a selection of sharpening stones to let you keep your blade sharp and ready to cut targets with ease. It can be highly important to keep swords cleaned and oiled to prevent rust and so having a sword cleaning kit is really a must for anyone who loves the swords they own. While it can be time consuming cleaning a sword lets you know in your mind that the sword is unlikely to rust and means that preciously invested money doesn't go to waste due to the sword rusting over time. We personally recommend picking up a Hanwei or Tora Hanta sword cleaning kit along with a Coarse / Fine sharpening stone for general sword maintenance and care.