Agincourt War Sword

Agincourt War Sword

Product Code: 501506

Manufacturer: Windlass Steelcrafts

£230.00 (INC. VAT)


£230.00 (INC. VAT)


Comes with leather frog that fits securely onto the scabbard, designed and made specifically for this sword in the battlecry range from Windlass.

Filling an under served niche in available swords today, the Agincourt hand-and-half sword from Windlass Steelcrafts Battlecry collection is a slender, light, quick weapon well-suited to facing armoured or unarmoured adversaries. This is an agile weapon whose length and weight make it highly effective on its own in either one or two-handed fighting. But it’s equally dangerous when paired with a buckler or even a larger shield. Combining versatility with utility, the dexterity and lightness of the Agincourt betrays a dangerous fighting blade of respected martial utility. With a 1065 high carbon steel blued patina, it’s well protected from the frequent rust spots and stains that occur so often from everyday practice and exposure to the elements. The battle-hardened finish had an extra wide tang and is tempering to a low 50's RC. This pre-sharpened blade has gone through rigorous testing. The hands-on nature of the manufacturing by master smiths makes this line unique. Includes a matching scabbard with belt stop, custom packaging and certificate of authenticity signed by each smith that touched your blade through every step of the forging process. One could easily envision English long-bowmen and knights alike wielding this blackened blade on the fields of the famous and disastrous battle honoured in the naming of this sword.

The term hand-and-a-half is more of modern designation for a range of sword types that featured tapered blades longer than the common shorter arming swords of the time but without the double-hand grips of larger heavier war-swords. Many different swords fall into this category and many of them are as maneuverable as they are surprisingly sturdy. In full armor a heavy sword is no advantage and a narrow point on a slimmer blade is ideal for getting into the vulnerable spots on another armored combatant. At the same time, the advantage of having a faster weapon with a extended grip that could still be adroitly handled with both hands, provided knights and men-at-arms alike with a resourceful option. A sword like this also deftly employs the blade-gripping techniques called half-swording that make up such a large part of the authentic fighting methods.

Overall Length: 39"
Blade Length: 30-5/8"
Blade Width: 1-5/8"
Weight: 2 lbs / 8 oz
Point of Balance: 3-1/2" Below Hilt
Steel: 1065 High Carbon
Edge: Sharpened

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Manufacturer Windlass Steelcrafts
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Customer Reviews

  • Price
    Elegant and agile
    Review by Matt.
    OK, lets start with the basics, I have been collecting swords for 30 years so while not claiming to be an expert, I have seen a lot of swords. Windlass market this line as a no frills but fully functional line of weaponry. John Clement's endorsement initially got me interested. Though I do not agree with everything he has to say he is passionate about his subject. I purchased the Agincourt because it shares all the stats of an arming sword, but with a grip that can easily be used two handed. I have a slight interest in later two handed and half swording techniques but do not wish to purchase a long sword just yet. What I got was a very agile arming sword that is well put together. This sword is very solid and at this price point my niggles are minor. The Windlass gap is there at the hilt but in no way detracts from the sword and is barely noticeable. One of the Fleur de Lys decorations on the pommel is slightly out, again nothing major. The blade is well tempered and beautiful to look at, once degreased and oiled. The black and marbled look does really suit the sword, giving it a utilitarian but purposeful look. I have destroyed the ample cardboard packaging, This sword will cut! A word about the service. I am usually cynical about web reviews, but I ordered the sword late on Sunday night, Monday was a Bank holiday. I received the sword at 10:00am on Wednesday. I will now shop at Southern Swords for everything but milk and bananas. The check out was simple to use also. Many thanks to Windlass and Southern Swords.
  • Price
    Very Pleasantly Surprised
    Review by Ash
    Proof of ID required - this landed in my spam box and I only discovered I needed to do this by accident as I sent in an email requesting clarification on delivery times as this was not made clear once the order was placed.
    Sword was shipped in super quick time (2 days I think it took), the box was heavily damaged however and the tub of oil that I had ordered was also dented. No issues with the sword or scabbard however which I as pleased with.
    The sword was liberally covered in grease to prevent rust in transit and once I'd cleaned it off with a soft cloth and applied the aforementioned cleaning/preserving oil, the sword looked immaculate
    Very happy with the finish on the blade, the pommel and hand guard are very well made and the cross guard feels sturdy, this one came with a sharpened blade which also had a nice line down each side.
    Overall very impressed, would definitely recommend.