Hey Guys,

Here at Southern Swords we do like things a little special, and so we have gotten ahold of some Official Marto Collectors Edition Conan swords. So what's so special about these swords? Well they are of course the Official Marto Conan Sword, In an Official Marto Conan Box, complete with Official Marto Conan Sheath. All with a complete certificate of authenticity.

These packages are rare, infact they are very rare, to the point where our entire stock of them is limited to just TWO of the fathers sword, and just THREE of the Atlantean sword.

This rare package does however comman a pretty high price, nearly four times the cost of the original Marto conan swords, these boxed special collectors editions cost £950, though they do make for an absolutely incredible display piece for a truly dedicated Conan fan.

Feel free to click the links below to view the swords if they take your interest!

The Conan Fathers Sword

The Atlantean Sword