With the new 2016 Cold Steel line released we have just had the first shipment of the Throwing Knives, this means that we have two big, beautiful throwing knives for those of you that enjoy a little bit of outdoor sports.


First up is the Jack Dagger Throwing Knife (Available Here) :
This hefty 14 inch long throwing knife features a bowie style of point to the blade with a simple steel handle and a blade baked on coating to prevent rust on the knife. Designed in partnership with the award winning knife thower known as Jack Dagger these knives meet his specifications for the best throwing knife you can get (and he should know, he has been the World Knife Throwing Champion). 

The knives are made from a 1050 high carbon steel and are 5mm thick at the spine, giving some real weight to the knife that means even with a lighter thow they can impact and stick in targets that are fairly solid.

Starting at only £19.50 and going down to £18.50 when bought in a set of 3 or more, these knives not only have a great look and size, but are at a pretty great price too.


The second of our throwing knives is the LaFontaine Throwing Knife (Available Here) :
Again measuring at 14 inch this is another sizable throwing knife, but this time in a very different shape, wih a curved spine into a clip point this knife was designed by La Fontaine, one of the Cold Steel longtime staff members, and with years or working with knives and throwing them it should come as no supprise that the Cold Steel staff are getting involved in design too.

Made from a 1050 carbon steel again with a 5mm thick spine these knives feel a lot more central balanced on the curve making the throw almost similar to that of a hunting boomerang, easily sticking into wood and other heavy targets.

With the price matching the Jack Dagger throwers at £19.50 and going down to £18.50 these knives are a pretty amazing pick up for knife throwers looking for something with a little more of a unique look.