With the new website launched we have been busy working out all of the small bugs and getting functionality sorted, so things have been busy here for us at least though with this mostly complete we are looking to get back into updating our range for you guys so below is some of the planned updates we are working on.


Cold Steel -
As some of you may know, they have launched their 2015 range and these are pre-order only at the moment though we are looking to add them to the site, lots of steel changes for their knives from Japanese AUS8 to American XHP steel, along with several new (and pretty cool) looking products. So getting these up and available for you guys is something we will be doing shortly.


Hanwei -
Recently the UK distributor has had a large shift, this has lead to us no longer being able to get certain products (not so good) though has also caused them to drop many prices on other products due to the smaller range they are stocking (good news :P) So we will be going through and removing those we can no longer get and dropping some prices (some rather substantially).


Jin Forge -
Our range of Jin Forge are something we are very proud of, they perform excellently and we have only had praise about their quality, we are looking to expand the range and branch into some of the other swords the forge makes outside of katana along with working on several price drops as we have secured better deals with the forge.


As a closing note, we hope you guys like the new site, while it has changed a lot we feel it is for the better and we have tried to make it as user friendly as possible including some feedback from you guys (such as category navigation, we the expand buttons larger and a bright colour to stand out as you guys mentioned having trouble navigating).


Hope you guys are all well,
Anthony - Southern Swords