Hey there guys,

So its been a fairly long time since our last blog post (things have been busy as hell here) but we have an update for you. We have re-worked and brought out the new Tora Hanta Katana range. Over the time we have been selling these Katana we have taken in feedback from you guys and that from Dojo's and looked at how we could make a line of swords that can cater to all needs, and so we developed the new range (all with at least 74.5cm blade length as opposed to the 69cm previously used) built up of the Kihon series of great entry level swords fully suitable for cutting with a clay tempered 1060 steel blade these swords have cheaper fittings and basic Saya / cord wraps to allow us to keep the price down for those who want them purely for display, while also having the quality blade suitable for those wanting to use it for cutting.

The next step up is the new Deshi series, with the same 1060 clay tempered blades these swords have traditional iron or brass fittings and a higher grade of Saya, finished with genuine buffalo horn, and silk sageo and ito, the colours on the deshi range are less vibrant as they are more intended for serious cutting use as opposed to display and are ideal for those people that want a truly traditional style of Katana that can cut well without costing a fortune. We also have two swords in the Deshi range featuring rayskin wrapping on the sheath for a unique look.

And the final series is the Sensei series, this line are one of a kind designs to us that use a Soshu Kitae blade made from a mix of 1095, 1060 and 1045 carbon steel and are clay tempered, again featuring iron or brass fitings these swords have the highest level of finish to them are are suitable for heavy duty cutting over and over, the ultimate swords for those people that love to go out and cut through tatami mats.

We also have in stock now Tora Hanta tatami cutting mats, coming pre-rolled they can either be used as a single target or can be re-rolled together for thicker targets. With discounts on them for buying in bulk (and when you're cutting them up who doest buy in bulk?) these mats are a pretty affordable way to break in your new sword.

And on a final closing note the remaining stock of the old Tora Hanta swords are all currently on a 15 - 24% off sale, meaning you can pick up one of the older swords for a pretty great price right now, so definitely check those out.


Hope you guys have been well and we will try an get more regular blog posts soon.