With the close of Koto Katana we at Southern Swords looked to find a new range of affordable and good looking katana, and this led to creation of Tora Hanta, our own brand of katana that range from entry Iaito style of sword through to high end folded, clay tempered cutting ready swords.

With some of the swords in our Tora Hanta range having an incredibly unique appearance and all being hand forged with a damascus steel blade, this gives each sword a distinct and individual look to the blade and the swords come with a mix of with a Bo-Hi or without.

The swords move up in 3 stages, from the basic entry level swords which come presented in a brocade box with a basic cloth sword bag, into the next stage presented in a wooden box with silk sword bag and premium ito and sageo wrap, the final stage of swords are the high quality hand forged blades with folded steel and clay tempered blades that come in a wooden display case with silk sword bad, maintenance kit and sword stand.