Hey Guys,

We just got back a few days ago from a trade show that we were attending so currently things are very busy, im sure some of you know but a good few may not that we are now working with Lord of Battles as their UK distributor, along with the re-launch of the new and highly improved Tora Hanta range of samurai swords that are made exclusively for us.

So who are Lord of Battles? They are a manufacturer that make medieval armour, swords, drinking horns and more and have grown in their global presence to be retailed and sold by many places including Kult of Athena, but they didnt have a presence in the UK really so we have been working with them to become the Official UK Distributor, meaning this brand that has been recieved so well elsewhere in the world is now here and sold both retail and wholesale by us.

What about the new Tora Hanta line? Well we made some changes to the original set of swords including longer blades to be more suitable for actual use, clay tempered 1060 blades at minimum meaning all of the swords are cutting ready and a decent blade and generally more of a focus on having practical usable swords. While this does mean a little higher price it does also mean that the quality has been ramped up significantly and again we can wholesale and retail these.

And with these two lines (one rather extensive) we had an official launch into the wholesale / distribution side of things at the 2016 Spring Fair trade show. While up there we got to meet many people both who just re-enact or collect along with a lot of shops and retailers. The show was a pretty exhausting week and a bit and we are still processing, sorting and getting out the orders that were taken so things might be a little slower than usual for a short while but we will be back to normal soon.

Have included some pictures below for you guys to see the stall that we had set up. And if any of you are interested in the wholesale side of things, head over to https://southernswordstrade.co.uk to see what we do. If you are interested in becoming a wholesale customer and have an account already, send us over your company name / information and that you wish to have a wholesale account and we can look into converting your account to allow access to the trade site too.