So guys,

It's been a while since we gave you an update as to what's going on with us here so this post is a bit of a big update, with a lot of changes coming and some already here.

The first big change is that, right now we have several websites

And we are going to be re-working these sites so that they all tie in together, that means 1 account will allow you to log in to all of our sites, no more seperate accounts if you want to shop on multiple sites.

The second change is adding some new products, as mentioned a short while ago we added several new Dao, though in the upcoming months we will be adding a huge selection of new items from chainmail and armour to sword. We are adding a huge range from "Lord Of Battles" in the historic european armour range. With the armour being available in many gauges and sizes keep an eye out over the next few months as the range we do keeps growing.

We also have a new selection of Tora Hanta katana in the works, with feedback from you guys on the first range that we did we have made some slight adjustments and are getting things sorted and produced for the new collection. With the new collection comes a change in the blades, swapping them out from 1060 and 1045 folded steel without clay tempering into full 1060 blades that are all clay tempered. The fittings on some of the swords have been upgraded and a range of the blades have been made in 2.45 length as opposed to 2.3 to give additional choice. These changes have resulted in slightly higher costs, though the slightly higher costs we feel are worth it for the big jump up in quality that should be delivered.

As things move into the new year we will also be looking to transition from our current location into a new larger warehouse, and implement several changes to the backend systems that we use, which should result in faster and easier order management to allow us to get your order sorted and sent out to you that little bit faster.

And as a final note for this post, We will into the new year and beyond looking to get more interactive with you guys, showing you more of the products we do involving test videos, more frequent blog posts and facebook updates along with trying our best to get out to events and shows to meet you guys in person.