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April 2015 Updates

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With the new website launched we have been busy working out all of the small bugs and getting functionality sorted, so things have been busy here for us at least though with this mostly complete we are looking to get back into updating our range for you guys so below is some of the planned updates we are working on.

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Tora Hanta Katana Range

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With the close of Koto Katana we at Southern Swords looked to find a new range of affordable and good looking katana, and this led to creation of Tora Hanta, our own brand of katana that range from entry Iaito style of sword through to high end folded, clay tempered cutting ready swords.Read More

Southern Swords New Website

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Here at Southern Swords we take pride in what we do, and what we do is offer the highest quality re-enactment and medieval militaria, but we do also cater to those on a lower budget looking for more decorative pieces to have on display, and with the huge range we have keeping things updated and fresh can be a challenge, which is part of the reason for us working towards and now unveiling our new website.Read More