Brooklyn Shorty - Baseball Bat

Brooklyn Shorty - Baseball Bat

Product Code: 92BSTZ

Manufacturer: Cold Steel

£42.00 (INC. VAT)


£42.00 (INC. VAT)


The Brooklyn Shorty may be the strongest and most durable mini-bat in the world.

An ideal souvenir or collectable, this small bat is made to the same exacting standard as its larger brothers, and like all Cold Steel products it is expected to be able to serve a multitude of uses and to perform when called upon!

Weight 19.8oz 0.56kg
Material Polyproplyene
Overall 20" 50.8cm
Country of


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Manufacturer Cold Steel
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    Excellent !!!!
    Review by Mushroom Man
    Bought this for home self defence, maybe legal, maybe not, not really bothered....... Unlike a normal baseball bat, this is ideal to swing in restricted areas, e.g. indoors, but it's length gives you a big advantage over intruders. Light enough to swing, solid enough to break bones. Cold Steels 'unbreakable' claim is probably true ! Not sure you could play baseball with it, it's a bit short,but would probably last forever playing rounders, or making burglers re-consider their career choice....... Keep one beside the bed........... This sits beside my Cold Steel Bowie Machete..... Intruders, bring it on ;-)