Darksword Armoury

Hand forged in Canada, these blades by Darksword Armoury have, since their creation, made a rather large impact on re-enactors and those into swordplay. These swords are known for their quality and strength capable of taking a real beating and just not giving in (as proven in some of Darksword Armoury's test videos). This makes them ideal for re-enactment and training though these swords can be sharpened to give them cutting suitable edges that will let these tear through targets easily. While production can take a while for these pieces due to them being hand forged and the forge being rather busy though they are almost always worth the wait as they can both look stunning and perform better than most others. Darksword Armoury also have a selection of Daggers, axes and more that are also all fully hand forged by them, and having worked alongside several historic TV productions these guys have really gotten to know exactly how a sword should be made along with how to make them practically unbreakable, though we advise that you don't intentionally try to break them.