English Swept Hilt Rapier & Scabbard

English Swept Hilt Rapier & Scabbard

Product Code: S5779

Manufacturer: John Barnett

£95.00 (INC. VAT)

£95.00 (INC. VAT)


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£95.00 (INC. VAT)


The word "rapier" generally refers to a relatively long-bladed sword characterised by a complex hilt which is constructed to provide protection for the hand wielding it. While the blade might be broad enough to cut to some degree (but nowhere near that of the wider, slightly heavier swords in use around the Middle Ages), the long thin blade lends itself to thrusting. The blade might be sharpened along its entire length, sharpened only from the centre to the tip (as described by Capoferro), or completely without a cutting edge as called “estoc” by Pallavicini, a rapier master who, in 1670, strongly advocated using a weapon with two cutting edges. A typical example would weigh 1 kilogram (2.2 lb) and have a relatively long and slender blade of 2.5 centimetres (0.98 in) or less in width, 1 metre (39 in) or more in length and ending in a sharply pointed tip.


Key Features:
EN45 Spring Steel
Historically accurate
High Quality Construction


Overall Length 120cm
Blade Length 94cm
Blade Width 3.2cm
Grip Length 11cm
Sword Weight. 1.55kg
Weight With Scabbard. 1.8kg

Additional Information

Manufacturer John Barnett
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Customer Reviews

  • Price
    Great Deal
    Review by Bloody Bill
    This is a really sturdy piece of kit, and was bought as a part of my display when I am demonstrating period leatherwork techniques. As such, its ideal, as it shows really well, the difference between the heavy military issue swords used by the the English militia, and the more elegant civilian blades carried by gentlemen of the period. It’s a little forward in the balance, and certainly heavier than I am used to, but there is a version of this blade available as a ‘re-enactment ready’ sword, and if I would have chosen this if I expected to fence with it. As it is, it’s great for historical interpretation, and I will be making many scabbards and hangers using it as an example. If your main need is for a combat weapon, I would choose a lighter blade with a quicker action.
  • Price
    Lovely rapier
    Review by Liam
    I had mixed feelings about buying this rapier, I had read many "reviews" online saying John Barnett swords were not worth owning despite the reviews of actual owners of the swords liking them, I took the plunge for a very reasonable £95 plus the sharpening fee and am very happy that I did.
    The sword is solidly built, the blade came very sharp, so sharp I could shave with it if I wanted to. The blade is heavy but well balanced just in front of the hilt so despite the weight it is easy to thrust and control.
    My only complaint would be the scabbard seems to have a leather liner that leaves residue on the blade, it can be wiped off the blade easily with an oily cloth but is a bit annoying.
  • Price
    Solid and Stylish
    Review by Happy Hangman
    A little heavier and longer-bladed than my previous rapier, so I'm having to get used to a more expansive draw. Not for the short-armed combatant. That said, the design is sleek, solid, stylish and well balanced, as one would expect from John Barnett. Great value and good quality
  • Price
    Highly recommended
    Review by Musketeer wanna be
    I'm a sword collector, but by no means am I an expert. I am always looking for a sword that's real and battle ready. This sword is all that! It's solid and could be used in a real sword fight. It's well made and just impressive to behold. I purchased mine wanting it sharpened and it came really sharp. In closing, I recommend this sword to anyone that is a collector and wants to own a piece of European history.