Excalibur Sword Gold and Silver

Excalibur Sword Gold and Silver

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Manufacturer: Marto

£160.00 (INC. VAT)


£160.00 (INC. VAT)


Legendary fantasy sword of the King Arthur.

Pulled out from the stone or given by the Lady of the Lake according to the different versions of the legend, the life of King Arthur of Britain is however strictly tied to the magical and mysterious Excalibur sword.

Excalibur sword features:
Overall Length: 120 cms - 48 inches.
Blade Width: 5/32 inches.
Blade: AISI 440 Tempered Stainless Steel - etched -Double Edged.
Guard/Pommel: Zamak - Silver and Gold plated.
Handle: Genuine Leather wrapped.

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Manufacturer Marto
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    Lovely Piece
    Review by Pendragon
    This is truly a wonderful piece of Artwork. Well made and beautifully decorated, properly displayed it makes a wonderful addition to any room, even if your not a sword or weapons aficionado. If you like mythological weapons (like me) then this is a must have.

    Two small issues however:

    1) On the blade, near the hilt there are makers marks on BOTH sides of the blade, I can understand the maker wanting his mark there, but it would have been better if it was only on one side of the blade, you could put that side facing the wall and hide it. However the marks are very faint, and from a distance hard to see and they don't detract from the lovely etching on the blade.

    2) The description given here is slightly misleading, the handle/hilt is NOT leather wrapped but is in fact simply a couple of pieces of black plastic on either side of the main piece. But then, this is a DISPLAY PIECE ONLY, NOT FOR ACTUAL USE. So it looks nice just the same.

    All in all, if you want a decrative fantasy/mythological sword, you CAN NOT do better than this, and the price is so reasonable you can't go wrong.