Great 2-Handed Viking Axe - 9th Century

Great 2-Handed Viking Axe - 9th Century

Product Code: S5708

Manufacturer: John Barnett

£81.00 (INC. VAT)


£81.00 (INC. VAT)


In warfare the great two-handed axe was the most fearsome weapon the Vikings possessed. Axes came in short, medium and large sizes but the most formidable was the large two-handed axe. Being capable of splintering shields, splitting helmets and tearing wide open mail shirts, once a Viking warrior had his great axe in motion he was unstoppable.


The best technique in using these axes was simply to focus on launching a ferocious attack with no regard for defence. This was the tactic of the famed berserk warriors of the Viking sagas who at the onset of battle would go into a berserk fury and hack and slay their way through the battle field screaming and foaming at the mouth until either all of their enemies lay dead or they themselves were cut down and killed.


Key Features:
EN45 Spring Steel
Historically Accurate
High Quality Construction


Blade Length 25 cm
Overall Length 124 cm

Additional Information

Manufacturer John Barnett
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Customer Reviews

  • Price
    An awesome axe
    Review by Allan
    A solid axe that has a good weight behind it with good construction. Great piece of equipment for the price, would highly recommend
  • Price
    A Beautiful Axe
    Review by SJH
    The heft of the axe is perfect. The wood superbly finished and the design on the head - beautiful. A great addition to my collection.
  • Price
    Awesome viking axe
    Review by Russell
    This axe is HUGE. I love it.Great quality and Price. Postage to Australia was dearer than the axe but it came in 1 week, so I think it is worth it. I've wanted this axe for a long time and now I own it. Very Happy. If your thinking about getting one.Don't hesitate, it's worth it.
  • Price
    Great Axe
    Review by Nikitin Oleg
    Lovely huge Axe. Good quality low price, grab it with both hands: Glory of Odin see you in Valhalla :)
  • Price
    excellent all round
    Review by lord wolfman
    This is a beast of an axe and fantastic value for money. I would highly recommend this.
  • Price
    A sturdy, awesome axe.
    Review by Tom Brakel
    Quite a fine quality product, certainly for the price!