Marto Connor Macleod Sword - Highlander

Marto Connor Macleod Sword - Highlander

Product Code: HI595

Manufacturer: Marto

£130.00 (INC. VAT)


£130.00 (INC. VAT)


Highlander Sword of Connor MacLeod history with this sword begins the saga of the Immortals. The original sword of the clan MacLeod was wielded by young Connor MacLeod in his fatal struggle with the dread Kurgan, for, later, serve as a tombstone for his beloved Heather in the Highlands of Scotland. They say that the black history of this proud and fast gun hides violent deaths of countless immortal.

Overall Length - 43 Inch
Blade Length - 33 Inches

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Manufacturer Marto
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Customer Reviews

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    I waited 30 years and was not disappointed
    Review by Michel T from Canada
    Last month I ordered the Marto Kurgan sword, and it was such an amazing beast and the experience of ordering through Southern Swords was so excellent that I instantly made plans to acquire the Connor MacLeod Katana (that connor inherited from Ramirez) and the Highlander MacLeod sword that Connor used when he was still a clansman. I order them both on a Thursday, they shipped on Friday, and I had them in my happy little Canadian hands here in Nova Scotia by Wednesday, which is really, really just stellar. My HIghlander movie trio of swords is now joyously complete, and I can move on to all the other fine items I'd like to add to my collection.
  • Price
    Great addition.
    Review by Kelsofield
    Already owning the Marto Kurgen sword, this was an exciting surprise addition to my collection.
    Perfect in every respect, but does have a slight movement of the blade at the point it enters the hilt, leading to a metallic straining sound as you move the sword.
    Overall very happy
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    Very Nice
    Review by Klem
    Not a sword that was on my want list, but at the price it was on sale for I could not resist.
    The build quality and detail on the sword are excellent and I love the feel of the suede and wire wrapped handle. After making my own mounting plaque it looks great hanging next to my other Marto Highlander swords and look forward to enjoying them for many years to come..........
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    Very much impressed
    Review by Joseph
    I have been meaning to get this sword for such a long time. We are talking a couple of decades (seriously!) Needless to say my expectations were extremely high, and I was in no way disappointed on receipt. The sword is absolutely stunning in quality and to be honest having shopped around online, the price was extremely reasonable.

    This is an official Highlander sword which comes with a certificate of authenticity and a small brochure giving you an idea of other items available.

    I would also like to state that this item was received very quickly and I do appreciate the level of customer service in getting this to me so securely and promptly. I will definitely be buying more Highlander licensed swords from you guys and look forward to doing business again soon.
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    Macloud by Marto
    Review by Mace
    Just received my sword this week and I love it. Great quality ,flawless and to top it off fast shipping to the US. I would definitely recommend this So. Swords and this sword.
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    Macleod clan sword
    Review by Niall
    Brilliant ornamental sword movie prop from the film Highlander, being stainless steel it doesn't need oil and won't rust making it an ideal display item, thankyou southern swords!!
    Niall Ellison---