Medieval Ballock Dagger With Sheath

Medieval Ballock Dagger With Sheath

Product Code: SNDA5312

Manufacturer: Lord Of Battles

£40.00 (INC. VAT)


£40.00 (INC. VAT)


Also know as the kidney dagger, due to the shape of the guard. The ballock dagger was used throughout European during the Middle Ages. Used for thrusting, self-defence, assassinations and close combat fighting, where a sword would be too cumbersome to be used effectively.

Overall Length 16 Inch
Blade Length 10.5 Inch

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Manufacturer Lord Of Battles
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Customer Reviews

  • Price
    Nice but blunt
    Review by Nick
    I would have given five stars except for the finish on the blade. The final finish is a nice satin done with a buffing wheel or wire brush wheel but proximal 10cm where the blade meets the handle has been finished at right angles to the rest of the blade which looks wrong (visible in photo of the product).but I can put this right with wet and dry paper.The main problem is that the blade is totally blunt, more so that I can put right with a home knife sharpener or whet stone so I will have to get it professionally sharpened. Other than that it is a beautifully made reproduction and well worth any extra money spent on finishing the blade.
  • Price
    A braw dagger at a braw price!
    Review by Alba Fo Dhia Displays
    It hud been oan ma min' tae aquire a decent leukin' Ballock Dagger fur some time tae incorporate intae ma displays oan oor ancient clothin' an' weaponry fur some time.
    Ah didnae want tae show just anither Jacobite period Dirk, as maist o' ma displays concentrate oan the pre-Jacobean periods an' whit th' a'chiel wid've worn - no, "th' dandies", as Ah caw them.