Military Sharps Rifle, USA 1859

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Military Sharps Rifle, USA 1859

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Manufacturer: Denix

£150.00 (INC. VAT)


£150.00 (INC. VAT)


Sharps rifles are a series of large-bore single-shot rifles, beginning with a design by Christian Sharps in 1848, and ceasing production in 1881. They are renowned for long-range accuracy. By 1874 the rifle was available in a variety of calibers and had been adopted by the armies of a number of nations and was one of the few successful designs to transition to metallic cartridge use.

Reproductions of the Sharps rifle are currently made by different rifle companies and the rifle has become an icon of the Old West due to its use in a number of movies and books in the Western genre.

The Sharps Rifle was produced by the Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company in Hartford, Connecticut. It was used in the Civil War by the U.S. Army Marksman, known popularly as "Berdan's Sharpshooters" in honor of their leader Hiram Berdan. The Sharps made a superior sniper weapon of greater accuracy than the more commonly issued muzzle-loading rifled muskets. This was due mainly to the higher rate of fire of the breech loading mechanism and superior quality of manufacture.

Height: 125 cm
Weight: 2.78kg
Material: Wood, Zamec

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Manufacturer Denix
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  • Price
    weight of rifle
    Review by mr Walsh
    Very good replica but I'm not sure about the weight, I've purchased replica hand guns by denix and the weight seems to be what you would expect but this rifle seems a bit too light compared to what I expected, Are they supposed to be correct in this regard?
  • Price
    Sharps 1859
    Review by Mr Walsh
    Very good replica rifle, working parts and attention to detail is very good, the only issue I have is that there is no nipple to fit a percussion cap. A bit odd.
  • Price
    Sharps rifle
    Review by Mike Fieldhouse
    Thank you southen swords just what I expected from you would recommend you to any one who wanted guilty items.