Polished Tassets - 18 Gauge

Polished Tassets - 18 Gauge

Product Code: 200917

Manufacturer: Epic Armoury

£129.00 (INC. VAT)


£129.00 (INC. VAT)


These 18 gauge tassets attach using leather shoulder straps meaning they can be worn without a chest plate or with. Giving a Man at arms look in lighter armour such as a gambeson these are great for non-contact re-enactment use or Theatre and LARP.

Key Features:
Polished Steel Finish
1mm thick steel for light weight and good durability
Leather back fastening system

Additional Information

Manufacturer Epic Armoury
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    Review by Alexander
    So, i purchased these along with the Italian breastplate which is also on sale on this site and I have to say - beautiful! The breastplate and tassets go so well with each other and look amazing. I will be giving a separate review on the breastplate but these tassets are very well articulated, pre-oiled, but most importantly incredibly light. It feels like you're wearing no armour at all because of the lightness and the amazing articulation meaning there is barely any restriction to movement. You can run, star jump, kneel, jump with no issue at all. The thick strong leather straps and harnesses means that the weight of the steel is perfectly distributed around your waist and shoulders so there's no discomfort. As these are 18gauge i assume they won't bode too well for combat however for aesthetic reenactment i cannot praise any more highly.