Renaissance Style Swept Hilt Rapier

Renaissance Style Swept Hilt Rapier

Product Code: SH1024

Manufacturer: Hanwei

£234.00 (INC. VAT)


£234.00 (INC. VAT)


The Renaissance-style Swept Hilt Rapiers trace their origins to early 17th century Europe, where swordplay with the Rapier was considered an essential part of a gentleman's education and was often used in resolving gentlemanly disagreements. Blades generally originated in one of the blade making centres such as Toledo or Solingen, but many differences in styling and hilt materials resulted from the local manufacture of hilts all over Europe.
The Main Gauche, or left hand dagger, was often used with the rapier, providing an added dimension in both offence and defence, and the "Schools of Fence" which proliferated in Europe during this period taught the use of the two weapons in combination. The Main Gauche would often match the Rapier in styling, while incorporating features which maximised the effectiveness of the piece.
The swept-hilt rapiers and their attendant main gauches have now been redesigned to provide lighter, better balanced pieces than earlier models. The hilts are now of the same size as the museum pieces on which they are based, providing an authentic feel in the user's hand. All of the rapier and main gauche blades shown are interchangeable with the "Practical" blades (OH2255 - rapier, OH2256 - Main Gauche), which are designed for safety in rapier sparring. This gives the user a wide choice of swept hilt styles for use with both live and 'Practical' blades. A replacement live blade is also available (OH2327).


Key Features:
Authentic historical design
Steel basket
Rigid scabbard


Overall length: 44 3/4"
Blade length: 36 5/8"
Weight: 2lb 1oz
Point of Balance: 3"
Point of Percussion: 27"
Width at Guard: .75"
Width at Tip: .40"
Thickness at Guard: .24"
Thickness at Tip: .10"
Weight in box: 5lb 2oz
Box height: 46"
Box width: 8"

Additional Information

Manufacturer Hanwei
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  • Price
    Quality item and Shoppe
    Review by Matt
    Hanwei Swept-hilt rapier with wood handle

    This rapier was difficult to find in stock. Most places online had this item listed as back-ordered with no ETA.

    While Hanwei and other manufacturers make several nice pieces, I knew this one was the one I wanted and I am not disappointed. The sword is elegant yet sturdy, well-balanced for stage combat and fantastic looking with renaissance festival garb. I love it.

    The weapon is delivered with a sharp blade, so the purchase of a practical blade for safe fight choreography is necessary.

    The matching Main Gauche makes for a very nice looking pair of weapons.

    Shipping from the UK to the US wasn't cheap, but Southern Swords had my order to me in three days. I am very happy with my purchase and would patron them again. I have told my friends that that this is a reputable company.