Replica Firearms

Whether you are looking for something in a western revolver style or an older flintlock as a replica guns uk store we have pistols and rifles ranging from many countries and historic periods to allow you to look the part for re-enactment events without any risk that comes from real firearms. These authentic looking replica guns offer those in stage and theatre to have pieces that look just perfect and are fully cockable and some can be outfitted to fire caps to allow for a real bang when firing. We have sold some of our guns to the Royal Shakespeare theatre along with many others and have always had good feedback about them as they are all produced by Denix, a manufacturer long established in making historic replica guns uk for use in stage and re-enactment. Some of the firearms listed below are subject to additional legal checks as they are modern looking replicas so can only be owned by specific people for use in theatres or those with a valid reason to own.