Rondel Training Dagger

Rondel Training Dagger

Product Code: 92RDNDL

Manufacturer: Cold Steel

£13.00 (INC. VAT)


£13.00 (INC. VAT)


Now you can practice with some of our most popular knife designs in relative safety - with our rubber training knives!

The Rondel Training Dagger has been carefully fashioned to look as realistic as possible so it can be effectively used in solo practice, training drills, disarm drills, and demonstrations and any other activity where you want a reasonably close approximation of realism but not the extreme danger and risk associated with an actual knife.

Weight 5.6oz 0.16kg
Blade Thickness 1" 2.5cm
Blade Length 11¼" 28.6cm
Handle 578" 14.9cm
Handle Details Santoprene
Overall 1718" 43.5cm

Additional Information

Manufacturer Cold Steel
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Customer Reviews

  • Price
    Authentic training tool
    Review by Ponkster
    What a fantastic training tool - usually to have a safe sparing weapon we have to compromise on the ascetics , not in this case . The rondel dagger is great to use for HEMA as it bends enough on impact but does not flop around in use. The detail on the hilt and rondels is an added bonus making it look the real deal - well done cold steel !
  • Price
    Looks good so far
    Review by Druttercup
    This weapon is nice and stiff but with sufficient flex and a ball tip to stop me worrying about hurting anyone. Only knocking a point off because the pommel does have some points that might need sanding, part of the design, not a flaw. Looks good and is comfortable in hand though.