Samurai - Yari

Samurai - Yari

Product Code: SH2152

Manufacturer: Hanwei

£396.00 (INC. VAT)


£396.00 (INC. VAT)


The Yari was an essential battlefield weapon of the Samurai and took great skill to use and manoeuvre due to its length and size. We now have two Yari designs, both based on originals dating to feudal Japan. Both blades are forged in T-10 high-carbon steel and are triangulated and double-edged with a deep fuller on the flat side of the blade. Differential tempering results in a clear hamon on each edge. The tangs are long to absorb the shock of a blow and the one-piece staff construction reinforces the durability of the spear.


Our yari is modelled after the su-yari or 'straight-spear' design. The shaft (ebu) is finished in a deep black lacquer and has a flattened side at the bottom section for blade orientation. The fittings (koshirae) follow distinctive traditional designs. The popular SH2152 Yari features a long (16-3/4") blade. The Yari is provided with black lacquered sheath (saya).

Due to its length this item will incurr additional postage


Key Features:
High-carbon steel blade
Great addition for those who train in sojutsu.
Aesthetically pleasing


Overall length: 79"
Blade length: 16 3/4"
Handle length: 62 1/2"
Weight: 3lb 11oz
Thickness at Guard: .410

Additional Information

Manufacturer Hanwei
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  • Price
    Great service and a nice new toy
    Review by JJ
    As ever the the chaps at southern swords where great. Always a pleasure to use.
    The Yari feels nice in the hand. And looks sturdy, and I was pleasantly surprised by the hamon lines on each side of the blade, I had failed to notice them in pictures.
    I have not given it a good testing so can't say how tough it is but it feels good, and looks nice.