The Bloodseekers Blade

The Bloodseekers Blade

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Product Code: A282

Manufacturer: Southern Swords


The bloodseekers are hunters, blessed by immortals but also cursed to serve them, they hunt endlessly, bringing a wave of slaughter to sate their masters desire for blood.


This Sword features a white scabbard with a red blood effect down the blade side, smearing across towards the back, with a small groove running down the middle of the scabbard and red cord wrap it makes for an impressive display piece.


The handle is black faux rayskin with red cord wrap with a plain square tsuba with all finishings in a polished boltgun metal colour.


The blade itself is a thin blade painted black with splashes of red to give an effect of a blood soaked blade.


This sword is not built for use and is purely for display purposes, but, does look very nice when on display as the unique style and contrast of the red, white and black make it stand out clearly.


Overall length of 103cm
Blade Length of 68cm
Handle Length of 27.5cm

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Manufacturer Southern Swords

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