The Suontaka Viking Sword

The Suontaka Viking Sword

Product Code: 501472

Manufacturer: Windlass Steelcrafts

£256.00 (INC. VAT)


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£256.00 (INC. VAT)


The original Suontaka sword was found in a grave in Finland. The grave dates from C 1100AD, however the sword form suggests a much earlier date of origin, possibly as early as mid 10th Century AD. This stunning replica of this piece features a highly detailed knot work pommel, guard, grip band and inserts. All have been lavishly plated in rich copper. The tough 1085 high carbon steel blade has a full tang and is fully tempered, then peened over the pommel. The sword comes complete with a rich leather scabbard and matching copper fittings and sports a baldric for wearing this powerful piece. 

The sword comes with a dull edge that can be sharpened in our workshops at a cost of £30




Overall: 37"
Blade: 30-3/4" long,
1-3/4" wide, 3/16" thick
Wt: 3 lbs/1 oz

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Manufacturer Windlass Steelcrafts
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Customer Reviews

  • Price
    Amazing quality
    Review by Sigurd Erik Jarlson
    Brilliant sword with amazing quality, very precise replica of the original. I had to have the shoulder strap extended by our local master saddler so the sword would sit in a lower position, where it should be.
  • Price
    Brilliant don’t miss out!
    Review by Sword owner
    Fantastic sword! Just what you want for a legit high quality sword! Price is defiantly worth the quality of this fine piece! Especially as you can choose for it to be sharpened (verrryyy sharp!) detail is amazing on the handle, and has a nice weight to it! Would recommend to anyone after a Viking sword!
  • Price
    Nice sword
    Review by OdinsEye
    This is a realy nice replica of the Suontaka sword,this is a nicely balanced sword and slices easily through a 2ltr water bottle, like everyone that has had a sword sharpened its never as sharp as you like but after 30 mins on my sharpening stone its to my likeing, ive heard a lot of people say that the price of this weapon is to low to make it any good i totaly disagree this is a beautiful weapon with a real sence of history, weather you intend just to display it or weather like me you want to use it to practice your sword skills it will bring a smile to your face.
    as for southern swords briliant as always and sue who deals with orders is the most helpful person ever ...give her a rise
  • Price
    A very special Viking sword
    Review by WhettonArt
    Southern Swords have delivered on their promise to supply an outstanding Windlass product with this replica. It has a history worthy of Thor and looks stunning from point to pommel. The artwork and craftsmanship in the details are amazing and accurate. The wood work beautifully recaptured as it have been originally. As a functional sword you can be confident it's strong and safe sandbar the end of the day hang it on show. As my first sword from Southern Swords and Windlass as well as being my first functional sword I am blown away. Such a great piece of history to be privileged to own. Also it is priced perfectly. I would highly recommend any Vikings out there get this sword.
  • Price
    Nice sword
    Review by ML
    love it!
  • Price
    Stunning replica
    Review by Dan A
    Windlass have done a fantastic job of recreating this beautiful sword. The detail on the hilt is clear and very accurate.
    On other reviews of this sword, people have noted that the copper inlays on the grip, are not quite lined up perfectly, my response to this is - these swords are hand made, as was the original, and It is quite plausible that the inlays were not quite lined up on the original, so in my opinion such minor imperfections, actually, compliment the piece and add to its authenticity.
    I have also noted that people have said it appears to be 'a little blade heavy' - again Viking era swords were blade heavy, cutting / hacking weapons, why would you buy a Viking era sword and expect it to handle like a 16th century sword ?
    The only thing I can say, is that the grip 'may' be a little longer than the original, although I can not confirm this as I don't have the specs of the original.
    It has a solid construction, and I can tell by the peen that it has a full tang that is nice and thick. The blade is well formed and not too thin, with excellent tempering and flex.
    This is the best and most accurate replica of the Suontaka sword that I have seen anywhere, and it's value for money and quality are unrivalled.
  • Price
    Beautiful, functional, awesome
    Review by Ragnar Bostock
    The detail and craftsmanship of this sword are stunning. Its not only an excellent cutter but it looks amazing on show.
    Its a little heavier than seems to be standard but only by a small amount and I didnt find the extra weight a problem at all. Snap cuts were a little slower to recover from but on the whole its balanced very well and is lively.
    I was concerned that due to the lack of leather around the handle that it would become uncomfortable to wield but its actually very nice in the hand for extended periods of time and it caused no rubbing or problems to my hand at all.

    There were some impurities on the blade in a couple of tiny places but hardly noticeable. For a blade of this price its actually very nice to look at.
    The scabbard is fantastic. The leather smells gorgeous and the fittings are the icing on the cake when it comes to the outstanding aesthetics of the sword. The throat of the scabbard doesnt quite touch the cross guard of the sword which means that about 5mm of blade is exposed. Its not dangerous. Theres no sharp edge exposed, its just the way the scabbard is shaped to match the cross guard. If it was much more expensive theyd have made it fit snug, im sure but its really not a problem.
    The belt attached to the scabbard is decent enough and well made. Its very long so you could wear it looped in the old viking style. Unless you have a 50 inch waist you will likely need to put more holes in the belt so that it fits because the pre punched holes start very long in the leather.

    The pommel is slightly miss aligned when looking down the length of the blade and comparing it to the alignment of the cross guard. Its only a tiny misalignment and will vary from sword to sword but this is common of cheaper swords but I thought it worth mentioning.

    The sharpening service was ok. Not great but serviceable. It can cut paper but not smoothly. Just going over it with a smoother stone would make it so much better but its definitely a usable and decent edge for bottle cutting.

    Overall I do recommend this sword. The build quality besides the little niggles I mentioned is very solid. For the price mark it is above and beyond what you could expect in terms of design and looks. Its one of the most beautiful swords ive ever seen and its also a joy to use and is very practical.