True Flight Thrower - Throwing Knife & Sheath

True Flight Thrower - Throwing Knife & Sheath

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Product Code: 80TFTC

Manufacturer: Cold Steel

£32.00 (INC. VAT)


£32.00 (INC. VAT)


There are a bewildering number of throwing knives on the market these days, and it seems that most of them are made out of cheap steel that bends or, in the worse case scenario, stainless steel that breaks. That's why we made the True Flight Thrower. The Cold Steel® True Flight Thrower beats the competition by a wide margin. For strength, we use 1055 carbon steel and finish it with a black, baked-on protective coat. This makes for a hard, yet resilient blade that will “bounce-back” from any throw. And for versatility, the True Flight Thrower has a utility edge that will stand-up to your toughest chores.


Weight 9.7oz 0.27kg
Blade Thickness 0.20" 5mm
Blade Length 6¾" 17.1cm
Handle 5¼" 13.3cm
Handle Details Paracord Wrap
Steel 1055 Carbon
Overall 12" 30.5cm
Sheath Cordura
Country of Origin China 

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Manufacturer Cold Steel
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Customer Reviews

  • Price
    change of mind
    Review by gondaft
    I bought my first true flight thrower some weeks ago, at the time I wasn't that impressed, I left an earlier review that said they appeared quite handle heavy, (which I wasn't used to), and the tips curl quite easily if you aren't careful. Having used the knife a bit more, I now come to see the handle heavy bias has greatly improved my half spin/instinctive half spin throwing, and overall would rate this product as very good, the edge still needs taking off as they are incredibly sharp, but other than that a really nice knife
  • Price
    not a bad alternative
    Review by gondaft
    Bought this knife as an alternative due to the ones I ordered being out of stock, very happy with its performance up to a point ( pun intended), the blade feels quite light in comparison to the handle and being quite a long blade compared to the handle took a little getting used to.

    For a throwing knife the blade itself seems far too sharp, but this is easily fixed with a little filing. The one thing to be careful with is the point, my target is made of blocks of wood which are screwed in to position from behind, of course as the target gets used the wood will wear away. Unfortunately I think I hit a screw and the tip curled up, needing a lot of filing to get it out, my bad for not using the tree rounds I also have set up. on the whole a nice knife but I would consider something with a little more rigidity/ strength in the blade for future purchases
  • Price
    Very Happy
    Review by Tony
    Amazing quality thrower that stands in as a very good camp knife!

    The size is awsome and throws very well, the sheath surprisingly is very good, I removed the clip on it as the sheath gives very tight retention, and the edge is so sharp it almost sliced it of undone!
    The paracord wrap is very nice.
    And as usial from cold steel an indestructible pice of kit at an amazing price.
    I'm have a collection of cold steel knives and throwers now as value for money is superb!
    Also some very expensive high ends from other companies but to scared to damage them lol.

    If your looking for a one knife does all that you dont mind giving a beating then this is it.