Vietnam Tomahawk

Vietnam Tomahawk

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Product Code: 90VT

Manufacturer: Cold Steel

£46.50 (INC. VAT)


£46.50 (INC. VAT)


It took Peter LaGana a lifetime of armed combat and months of design and testing to perfect the Vietnam Tomahawk. Now, there's an exact replica of this historic weapon.

Like the original Vietnam Tomahawk, our copy is light enough to be used all day without causing undue fatigue. This lightness also translates into speed; allowing quick changes in direction, even in mid-stroke!

The blade of the “hawk” offers a wide, upswept primary edge for tremendous cutting, slashing and chopping potential. The secondary edge on the lower side of the head is specially curved and partially sharpened for both cutting and hooking.

When combined with the "V" shaped spike on the back of the hawk head, it is extremely efficient. It comes complete with a leather sheath in the original oxblood colour.


Weight 19.7oz 0.56kg
Primary Edge 2¾" 7.0cm
Hawk Length 8½" 21.6cm
Handle Details American Hickory
Steel Drop Forged 1055 Carbon
Overall 13½" 34.3cm
Country of Origin Taiwan 

Spare Handle for Vietnam Tomahawk - Product Code: H90VT

Cold Steel
These superb tomahawks and hammers are precision drop forged from 1055 Carbon steel. Drop forging is, without doubt, the best method of manufacture for any impact tool, particularly one with a cutting edge. During the forging process a metal ingot is heated almost white hot and then formed into shape in a series of progressive dies. The large steel dies are fixed to enormous compressed air hammers. Each die hammers the hot metal into a gradually more finished shape. The steel is kneaded and compressed into a completely homogenous mass making the grain structure uniform and minimising gas pockets or other imperfections that can ruin the construction of a hand forged hawk. This is why most good axes, hatchets, and hammers are drop forged. These hawks are differentially heat treated. This means that the cutting edge and hammer face is fully hardened, while the balance is left relatively soft to absorb the shock of striking blows.

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Manufacturer Cold Steel

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