Viking Axe

Viking Axe

Product Code: 89VA

Manufacturer: Cold Steel

£150.00 (INC. VAT)


£150.00 (INC. VAT)


Cold Steel has been a long time believer in the ferocious cutting power of a well-designed Viking Axe. Until recently, we lacked the technical ability to make one to our satisfaction. However, with our new state-of-the-art forging facility, we can offer our customers something truly exceptional.

Our Viking Axe's formidably long, thin blade is fully polished and hand sharpened to a shield shattering edge. It comes with a robust 10" cutting surface that terminates in two sharp horns or points. Traditionally, the longer top point was used for stabbing, gouging, or parrying, while the slightly shorter bottom point was used to capture an opponent's shield or to hook and immobilize his neck, arms, or legs.

To maximize leverage, strength, and dexterity of movement, the Viking Axe is equipped with a very strong, resilient haft. Made in Maine from the best hickory available, it enhances and amplifies our Viking Axe's lethal potential as a cutting, chopping and stabbing weapon.

Weight 4lb 8.4oz 2.1kg
Blade Thickness 0.12" 3mm
Blade Length 10 1/3" 25.4cm
Handle Details 48" Hickory
Steel 1055 Carbon
Overall 52" 1.32m

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Manufacturer Cold Steel
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Customer Reviews

  • Price
    all good
    Review by Dav
    As mentioned the Cold Steel demo on you tube demonstrates exactly what this axe is all about , I spent about an hour on the shaft 20 mins stripping the varnish off with nitromors, 20 mins sanding then about 20 mins applying dark wood stain , the head itself had a salt and vinegar wash and oil rub and the whole axe now has a very rustic patina ' be careful it has a brutal menacing beauty and a dark soul eager to swing
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    Get one!
    Review by Mr T
    If you've watched any of the clips on YouTube of this axe, and you should, it is every bit as good as it looks. The head is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, and the shaft is excellent. Combined, it makes an awesome and ferocious piece of kit. You can easily imagine what a formidable weapon this was in it's day. If you've read any other reviews, you'll know that the shaft comes with a thick coat of varnish which makes it nigh on impossible to fit the head. I spent 30 minutes sanding all the varnish off before I could get the head to fit. But it looks way better without the varnish, and the grip is much better also. Get one if you've got a drop of viking blood in you. Get one before the PC powers that be ban them. Just get one! You'll love it :-)!