Viking Spear / Javelin Head

Viking Spear / Javelin Head

Product Code: 600444

Manufacturer: Windlass Steelcrafts

£38.50 (INC. VAT)


£38.50 (INC. VAT)


On the one hand, pole arms like our javelin have historical precedents – and on the other hand, they don't. This is a problem when you have source material instead of archaeological finds: Nordic sagas indicate that lances with double-edged blades were being used as combination cutting and thrusting weapons (e.g. "atgeir"). But no originals have been found yet. Terms like "spear" (throwing weapon) or "pike" (pure thrusting weapon) come up too short. Pole arms have the clear advantage of a wider reach in contrast to swords in close combat.

Our Viking javelin head is hand forged from carbon steel and is shaped like a pointed leaf. The socket, which accepts a round wooden shaft, tapers to a cone and creates a practically seamless joint. Total length: 62.5 cm Width: 6.0 cm Thickness: 4.0 mm Diameter (socket): 24 mm Weight: 0.66 kg

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Manufacturer Windlass Steelcrafts
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Customer Reviews

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    Excellent Spearhead
    Review by Jeggie
    A replica of the Gjermundbu hoard, found in sweden, this is a LARGE, melee spearhead, though forged exceptionally light and strong, as per the original. Windlass have done a great job here, with the only shortcuts being some forging marks, lack of Distal taper on the blade, slightly inequal socket ribs and their usual radiussed edges (ie: this is not sharp-edged, although the point is acute). Overall, fantastic value for money and (unless you start chucking the thing around) very fit for purpose, after some sharpening.
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    Very big spearhead
    Review by Hallwine
    This is a big spearhead. Looks very good indeed. I have not yet hafted it so this review is not on the spear as such.
    Good quality. Nice ting when struck...
    The socket is well formed and has a predrilles hole for the pin (as mentioned historically)
    I think the socket could be a little bigger diameter, given the large blade size.