Viking Short-Bladed Spear Head

Viking Short-Bladed Spear Head

Product Code: XH2040

Manufacturer: Hanwei

£49.00 (INC. VAT)


£49.00 (INC. VAT)


The decorated spearheads demonstrate the Viking "Niello" process. This involved using an alloy of several metals (notably silver) mixed with sulphur which was rubbed into an incised pattern and then fired. Where the alloy is rubbed into the engraving, it remains black while the rest of the surface is polished to a bright finish. Our decorating process uses a little less alchemy, but still provides a lustrous, permanent Niello-like effect. Each spearhead has a shaft diameter of 1". Spearheads only are supplied.
The Viking Short Bladed Spear is typical of those of Celtic origin, imported into Scandinavia. The short blade, inherently stiffer and more resistant to bending or breaking, was capable of piercing any body armour of the period.


Key Features:
Historically accurate
Antiqued Finnish
Fully functional


Overall length: 9 3/8"
Blade length: 6"
Weight: 7oz
Thickness at Guard: .510
Box height: 11"
Box width: 3"

Additional Information

Manufacturer Hanwei
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  • Price
    Great Spear Head
    Review by Nikitin Oleg
    Well made and polished Spear Head. Great for collection. Very good service, quick delivery.
  • Price
    great deal spear
    Review by Boarsons
    This is a very good value spear head that looks good and stands out from the rest, its the best spear in any collection.