Visored Barbuta Helmet - 18 Gauge

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Visored Barbuta Helmet - 18 Gauge

Product Code: 201232

Manufacturer: Epic Armoury

£95.00 (INC. VAT)


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£95.00 (INC. VAT)


Constructed from 18 gauge steel this helmet isnt suitable for contact re-enactment though looks great when worn at re-enactment events and is fully suitable for LARP. Also ideal for theatre productions.

Key Features:
Polished Steel Construction
1mm thick steel for light weight and good durability
High quality leather straps and lining
Circumference - 60cm (Medium) / 65cm (Large)
Removable Front Face Plate
Latch To Keep Faceplate Closed While Down

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Manufacturer Epic Armoury
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Customer Reviews

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    A good buy
    Review by Richard
    A good helm on the whole.
    First, once you’ve extracted it from the plastic wrap and given it a wipe down (It comes VERY oiled), you’ll be pleased with the overall look of the helm. The sides are the right length to cover your cheeks and jaw without coming so low that it lands on your shoulders. This allows you to turn your head freely which is always handy.
    The visor lifts and lowers easily, a little too easily for my liking. What I mean by this is that if you lift the visor, it lifts without problem. However, it won’t stay open on its own because it’s too loose to do so. You can overcome this by cheeky use of a magnet under the visor.

    A few small details that I like. First, the visor pins are held on by a chain, very useful for people like me who lose EVERYTHING they put down. Secondly, the small catch to keep the visor closed. It’s useful, if a bit weak. Thirdly, the helmet has a chinstrap- very useful indeed. Because I’m a little on the small side, I’m having to put my own size hole onto the strap, but that’s not a big problem at all. Fourth, the top of the helmet does have some limited lining, meaning that it sits at the right height for your eyes.

    Overall, despite the somewhat steep price, it’s a solid buy. I’d advise anyone to seriously consider this product as other helmets that are cheaper can be a false economy; the whole reason I bought this helm was because my other purchase from elsewhere was too long; meaning the bottom of the helmet rested on my shoulders and not on my head- I couldn’t turn my head and I couldn’t pad or solve this problem despite having arming caps and coifs.
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    Review by Raymond Clarke
    Excellent helmet, well weighted and comfortable and gives a very powerful and refined presence on the battlefield. I would highly recommend to anyone hoping to give themselves the ultimate warrior or even paladin look.